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Cultural Melting Pot: A taste of many nations

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background information of 'cultural melting pot'
  3. Overall goals
  4. The day of event
    1. A description of the event area
  5. Project activities
  6. The event schedule
  7. Limitation of the project
  8. The main message of the event
  9. Budget of the event
  10. Conclusion

The cultural melting pot is an event created to increase the speed of cultural integration in Rotterdam. The Students at the INholland University in Rotterdam organize the event themselves. The event will be held in the park near the Euromast in Rotterdam on the 6th of September 2008. The main activities of the event will be food, drinks and music from different nationalities. The event will present 13 different nationalities which will represent their national dishes. The name of the event ?Cultural melting pot? is a name that should explain our purpose of the entire event; it is all about integration of different cultures in one single event.

Rotterdam is a multicultural city, with inhabitants from many different countries. Even though that Rotterdam is as multicultural as the statistics shows, we do not think that the integrations between the nationalities/cultures are working as good as it could do. An event that works for the integration and the awareness of the differences and the similarities between the people of the city could according to us be a good start or a ?carrot? for a better climate between the citizens. The event itself will also be good for the promotion of the city and it could attract visitors from other cities and maybe in the future even from other countries.

[...] Transport: The artists are from different countries, many of them will have to take a flight to get to Rotterdam. Transport of artist to the event area will be done in mini busses; we will probably need 5-7 vehicles accessible, that can transport the artist to the ?Artist/VIP? area behind the stage and also to bring them back to their accommodation after the performance. I do not now about his anymore? Flow control The maintain order and functionality during the event and also to evaluate the event afterwards to see what was good and what can be improved; we have several ?Flow guards? at the event. [...]

[...] The event has to be a gathering of people from different nationalities, different ages, it's therefore important that there is many different of activities. Our event is not a marketing event, indeed our aim isn't to make any profits main group 18- group 30- secondary 40-55 Personas Main target Group: Name: Ericka Age: 26 Occupation: Student From: Rotterdam Name: Manfred Age: 24 Occupation: Working From: Rotterdam Name: Harmed Age: 18 Occupation: Student From: Rotterdam Name: Rosita Age: 23 Occupation: Working From: Rotterdam The day of the event We have decided to organize this event during one entire day from 12 to The event will take place on a Saturday, this because that's the day of the week when most people are free from work and are often free on Sunday, which means that they can stay longer on Saturday evening. [...]

[...] Satisfaction: The communications that we use should fit for our purpose, customer's interest and also for our sponsor's purpose The face of the event Every kind of commercial should have a similar message, and there should also be some information's that need to be included as: The web address Price (free) Sponsors Theme When do we start In late July early August this to create a buzz around the event, it is important that people are aware about what will happened on the 6th of September 2008. [...]

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