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Does homosexual marriage have a future?

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A family crisis presents important repercussions in the well-being and future growth of the family. This fact has been augmented by sociologists, policy makers and lawyers. The decline of the traditional family model and the rise of new forms of family organization have led to the concept of pluralism which seems to succeed the dedication of a model dominating to apprehend the concept of couple. The French law recently recognized family forms such as the civil union, the co-habitation or the single-parent family by laying down rules so that these situations are bestowed with rights and duties. Homosexuality between couples has also been recognized in France in 1999 by the creation of the Civil pact of solidarity and a contract which recognizes the union of two people, of the same sex or of different sex.

Indeed, if homosexuality is still considered a crime in many countries of the world, its status has changed considerably in recent decades in the countries of Europe and North America, and tolerance even made room for recognition in some cases: homosexual marriage has been allowed since 2001 in the Netherlands, Belgium, Massachusetts, Canada and Spain. In France, the recent highly publicized case of the first gay wedding celebrated in Bordeaux in 2004 by Noel Mamere and quashed by the High Court of Bordeaux said that marriage was not open to homosexuals in France, which also helped to reintroduce the debate. Many resistors have been issued by the actors of the political class and civil society, based mainly around two themes: the meaning of marriage as an institution and the necessary correlation with gay marriage and same-sex parents. However the demand for equal rights is becoming stronger and polls show that public opinion is less opposed to gay marriage.

In many ways May 1968 marks a break in French history: the liberalization of morals and the sexual revolution of the 70s which ultimately lead to the crisis of the family as it is known today.

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