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Does the capital punishment fit the crime?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Death penalty as a moral issue
  3. Death penalty: Senseless ?
  4. Ridiculous paradoxes of capital punishment
  5. Views of the defenders of death penalty
  6. Arguments for capital punishment
  7. Conclusion

Over the thousands of years humanity has existed in a civilized society, one of the constants in every society has been the preservation of law and order. Rules have been accepted as have consequences for breaking these rules. Often times these consequences were rather harsh and fit the ?eye for an eye? mentality. As society has evolved and become more concerned for the individual, many barbaric punishments have been done away with; however the death sentence, the most serious and barbaric, has remained.

[...] One of the most ridiculous paradoxes of capital punishment is all the alterations which have been made in an attempt to make the process more ?humane.? The process today has come a long way from simply beheading a person or using the electric chair. Nowadays, a series of injections is made. Usually a combination of three or less drugs is used. The prisoner's vital signs are monitored and various drugs are used to prevent allergic reaction and other complications. This, in my opinion, makes little sense. [...]

[...] One Drake study concluded a death penalty trial will last anywhere from three to five times as long as a normal murder trial These and other facts are proof the death penalty is not a sensible solution from financial point of view if nothing else. If the individual costs of are greater than normal, the costs to society have an even greater disparity. This has a great deal to do with the system in place, which tends to be inefficient and self-contradictory. [...]

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