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Education and the American dream: Breakdown in Mann’s report

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  1. Introduction
  2. The difficulties in proving the positive benefits of education in the workers
  3. The importance of evidence to support the claim
  4. Consistency between sources of data
  5. Questions in Mann's report
  6. The importance of numerical data
  7. The importance of evidence
  8. Public education
  9. Conclusion
  10. Works cited

After gaining independence, USA began to face new challenges in its new found land. With the increase in population, more problems were faced in securing the prosperity and well being for the citizens. How and in what manner should the government enact upon to secure these unalienable rights that the citizens should hold? In Annual Report for 1841, Horace Mann, a leader in the Board of Education of Massachusetts and a strong advocate of public education, presents to the Board of Education of Massachusetts his argument as to solve this problem in the economic sense. He argues that a public education system would provide wealth, prosperity, and security to the people.

[...] Mann does not give any other evidence pertaining to the effects of public education on the people in any other circumstance. But there are also faults within the evidences that are provided. Although Mann specifically emphasized the importance of numerical data and will provide support for his argument in the most scientific way possible, the response letters fail to support his argument in this scientific way. There is practically no numerical evidence whatsoever in the response letters. The letters almost all answer Mann's questions in a purely qualitative method. [...]

[...] Mann proposes public education as a solution to promote the wealth and general wellbeing of the people in the United States. He proposes that public education will help the people in many ways; not only intellectually but in terms of materialistic gain. However, flaws can be seen in his argument as his circular letter and evidence is broken down. The circular letter that he employs as a method to make sure quality and consistency in the evidence is not able to ensure this. [...]

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