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Effects of terrorism on global trade

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  1. Introduction
  2. Category of terrorism incidents
    1. Bombings
    2. Kidnaps and hostage taking
    3. Armed attacks and assassinations
    4. Arsons and firebombings
    5. Hijacks and skyjacks
  3. Effect of terrorism on the global business environment
  4. Terrorism's impact on world trade
  5. Terrorism and world markets
  6. Terrorism and oil
  7. Importing and exporting
  8. Insurance
  9. Air travel
  10. Conclusion

Terrorism is becoming a threat to every country and today the world is experiencing a global reawakening of terrorist attacks. Terrorism is the creation of fear and panic among people and the society which adversely affects the everyday lifestyle of an ordinary man. The act of terrorism is condemned across the world due to the atrocities it creates and the effectiveness of the terrorist act lies not in the act itself, but in the public's or government's reaction to the act. For example, in 1972 at the Munich Olympics, the Black September Organization killed 11 Israelis. The Israelis were the immediate victims, but the true target was the estimated 1 billion people watching the televised event.

[...] For instance, due to the 9/11 attacks in US, an investment bank operating in one of the World trade center lost nearly 650 employees. TERRORISM HURTS WORLD TRADE Terrorism obstructs international business strategies, disturbs globalization, and obstructs world trade. Multi-national corporations (MNCs) are particularly injured to the effects of terrorism. Along with well-known threats from organized crime networks (e.g., financially motivated force or kidnapping), MNCs must deal effectively with the dangers posed by terrorist networks. Since September 11 these problems have been weighing even more heavily on the minds of executives around the world. [...]

[...] Terrorism came into sharp focus of the world after the terrorist strike at the World Trade Center on September in the US. Terrorism is a global suffering with global effects, its methods are murder and violent, but its end result affects every aspect of the united agenda from development to peace to human rights and the rule of law. Internationally, we are seeing an increasing use of what is call the word" terrorism to demonize political opponents. It is broader international agenda need to prevent acts of terror. [...]

[...] The terrorist attacks on air travel are both a human loss as well as an economic loss that can immensely affect the world markets. CONCLUSION Terrorism is a major problem that is reoccurring over the globe in various forms. A terrorist activity is mainly an anti-social activity which adversely affects many lives, organizations, economy etc. Therefore, terrorism has a devastating effect on every sector of the business and it is a huge damage and loss for global trade. Terrorism has become a [...]

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