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Essay- ‘The myth and facts about Cat’

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  1. Introduction: The first domestic cat
  2. The Cat, a Demi-God
  3. The views about cats becoming evil
  4. Cats and art
  5. Facts about cats

The exact time of appearance of the first cat, on Earth is not known to man. It is believed to be a descendant of an animal, resembling the modern-day weasel called the Miacis, an extinct carnivore, whose fossils were recovered dating back to 65.5 million years, is also considered to be the ancestor of modern canids; the dogs, coyotes, wolves, jackals and the bear, raccoon and weasel families as well. Cats are known to have existed long before the first dog. The earliest known cat is probably the Smilodon, most popularly called the saber-tooth, a fierce hunter. However, domestication of the felines did not happen for several centuries after the domestication of dogs.

About 5000 years ago, domesticated cats were documented to me a part of the Egyptian household in the valley of the Nile, Upper Egypt. It was here that the domestic feline gained its god status.

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