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European Union and the fight against AIDS

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The HIV/AIDS is a disease which requires public health measures. First of all, as an introduction, an inventory of fixtures of the program of public health of the European Union, informs us on the general objectives of the EU to fight against the public health problems. If the responsibility regarding health care belongs to the Member States, the measures concerted on the level of the European Union justify themselves for a great number of difficulties of public health.

The EU envisages a precise program to set up effective measures. This document is devoted to the fight of the European Union against HIV/AIDS. An inventory of fixtures allows us to measure the extent of the diffusion of the disease in the Member States and to understand the various reasons by which the virus is propagated. Then, one will be able to see which are the programs and the strategies of the European Union to act against its transmission.

The European Union has prepared a research budget of 6 billion euros for 2007-2013. This program aims to improve the health of European citizens and increasing the competitiveness and innovative capacity of European companies working in the health sector.

The EU reacted to the threat of a pandemic by developing a coordinated response plan, as in the case of bird flu. The European Centre for Disease Control and headquartered in Stockholm collects, evaluates and provides information on current and emerging diseases. He collaborates with national health protection in order to develop systems for disease surveillance and early warning on a European scale.

Between one quarter and one third of diseases contracted in industrialized countries is due to environmental factors. The SCALE program and the priorities of the Action Plan Environment and Health adopted for the period 2004-2010, are looking at environmental factors found responsible for public health problems in children, which is one of the most vulnerable groups in this respect. These problems include asthma, allergies, respiratory diseases, cancer and neuro developmental disorders such as autism and speech problems.

The European Union is involved in an active struggle against smoking. Most forms of advertising of tobacco products have been prohibited from 1August 2005 in the Union. There are some EU rules restricting the use of additives and addictive substances, prescribing health warnings, ban misleading claims and set the maximum tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine in cigarettes.

The Action Plan of the European Union in the fight against the drug-related problems completes the fight against drug trafficking and drug-related crime. The successive Action Plans on Drugs, the latest covering the period 2005-2008, are motivated by the desire of the EU to reduce the use of illicit drugs: ecstasy, cocaine, heroin and amphetamines, informing citizens and raising awareness to these issues, and fight against diseases related to injection drug use such as hepatitis C, tuberculosis, and HIV / AIDS. The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA) in Lisbon gives the European Union and the Member States with objective and reliable information about drugs and addiction.

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