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  1. Introduction
  2. The revolution of ideas and knowledge
  3. The official definition of globalization
  4. The advent of technology
  5. The views of globalization
  6. The World Trade Organization
  7. Conclusion

Globalization is a recent occurrence relative to the existence of man. The primary factor which drove this idea was the industrial revolution. With new technology came the spread of ideas because now there were mediums in which we could quickly and efficiently communicate. Communication was and still is the driving force of globalization. Without the means to be able to travel and communicate faster than ever the world would have not been able to become what it is today. It has become one of the defining concepts of modern day and without it the world as we know it would be drastically different.

[...] In the debate over globalization there are 3 main views. The skeptics who believe globalization is a myth and it does not have any major effects on the world. The hyperglobalizers who believe the rise of globalization is going to create a new world order. Finally the transformationalists who believe globalization have made an effect on the world and ideas flow both ways, not from one common force. The 3 views range from the 2 extremes and one moderate view. [...]

[...] In struggling economies like Mexico this is especially helpful in trading with more modernized countries like the Unites States and Canada. It would strengthen each countries economy because the flow of products would be unrestrained. Some believe this has harmed Mexico especially because dirty industrial work has moved from United States because it is appealing. Globalization has affected everyone in a specific way. Whether it be an American working at a Honda plant or a Mexican working at a Ford plant companies have provided [...]

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