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Healthy and stress free living

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  1. Introduction
  2. Best exercises to lose weight fast
  3. Simple methods of foot massage
    1. Rubbing
    2. Rotating the ankles
    3. Arch press
    4. Massaging with the thumbs
    5. Kneading
  4. How to handle stress in five effective steps
  5. 5 effective ways of reducing stress
  6. Understanding psychological needs to kead a fulfilling life
  7. Effective ways to counter stress
  8. How to gain mass
  9. Muscle building rules for the thin
  10. Conclusion
  11. Bibliography

Everyone needs a healthy body and a healthy mind?in fact everyone aspires for a healthy combination of a fit mind in a fit body. In order to have a stress free and healthy lifestyle one has to follow certain principles and they are quite simple to adopt if one is really determined to live well and to the fullest. The tips mentioned below in the sub-topics would help you start out on a path to mental and physical fitness. Even if you don't want muscular physique or a very well toned body?every one must aspire for strength, endurance and stamina. On the other hand a stress-free and calm mind is the reservoir of brilliant ideas and mental agility. So, let us focus all our energies towards achieving a fit body and a fit mind.

Obesity is a major cause of worry for a lot of people across the globe. Overweight people are prone to major illnesses such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol levels, chronic heart diseases and various other serious health hazards. Therefore it is important for everyone to be fit and lean?not only to look good but to be healthy, to feel young and to live long. There are a few basic principles that one has to follow in order to lose weight quickly.

[...] Buy a cup of cappuccino, grab a magazine and simply relax Spend a little on yourself and visit your nearest day spa You may catch up with your best friend by picking up the phone and making up for lost times The best stress buster is to take a vacation! How to Gain Mass If you want to increase your body-size, you should stop reading magazine articles and hire a trainer who is good at his job. One should eat organic food and must remember at all times that you are ultimately represented by your food habits. [...]

[...] If you have a positive and healthy self- esteem you are better equipped to deal with any situation or problem We all have the need to feel stable and consistent. We all have the need to know what is likely to happen in case of a certain eventuality. We need to experience consistency from friends, family and colleagues; otherwise we will be perpetually worried about the unexpected. However, everyone has the right to change his/her mind, but if a person reacts differently to the same situation on two different occasions, it may give rise to insecurity as you may be unsure as to how to react to the person. [...]

[...] There is no short cut here, one must keep on exercising as per his body type and maintain a healthy lifestyle for best results. Simple Methods of Foot Massage Our feet are one of the most neglected and least cared for parts of our bodies. We seldom recognize their importance and the amount of workload that each of our feet carry to tide us through an entire day. This lack of proper care and continued overwork may result in various kinds of foot ailments such as severe and prolonged pain, sore tendons and Achilles' Feet. [...]

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