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Investigating the key issues concerning child protection in the UK and France

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Identifying the key issues within child protection.
  3. Relationship frameworks' dependence on the country and the political and developmental stage.
  4. Impact of the societies views on the status of children in UK.
  5. Conclusion.
  6. Bibliography.

Social policy "is based upon a distinct empirical focus- the support and well-being through social action." (Alcock et al 1998). It draws upon the methods and understandings involved in many social science disciplines e.g. sociology, economics and politics and is founded in many areas of society e.g. child welfare. This example focuses on children who are in need of care and /or protection for many different reasons. It incorporates many entities, for example education, health and child protection and is an extremely important area considering that 23% of the U.K. is children. (Alcock et al 1998). It is obvious therefore that children are the main consumers of social policy. This assignment will explore the area of child protection; identify the major issues facing European countries whilst taking into consideration factors such as power, oppression and cultural, institutional and ideological influences.

[...] On the other hand, over more recent years the change in view at institutional and cultural levels has required the U.K.'s policies to become more flexible and supportive to families and parents without primarily focusing on child protection registers and casting immediate blame etc. According to Armstrong, H and Hollows, A. (1991) other cultural factors are also involved in determining policy responses. Firstly they state that culturally and socially a society needs to acknowledge that child abuse exists before their policies can be changed, redefined or updated in order to protect children. [...]

[...] When identifying the key issues within child protection it is important to grapple with the concept of 'balance'. This is a main concern for all countries who find themselves victims of either jumping in too quickly with over zealous assumptions, or on the other hand holding off too long and in the end delaying intervention until in some cases it is too late. Ultimately this concept, which leads on to the third key issue of this topic, depends on how the society views relationships between the state, family and child. [...]

[...] In today's society, through the emergence of feminist writers especially on issues such as patriarchy and domestic violence, children are viewed as independents rather than being the property of men. This again has been reinforced through changes in the political economy of welfare where society's perceptions of children have transformed towards children being independent service users whose wishes and preferences have been given great importance. These alterations have been reflected in the policy responses of the U.K. through the modifications made with the Children's Act 1989. [...]

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