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Legends and traditions in Great Britain

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  1. Red Hand of Ulster
  2. The typical British traditions
    1. Conkers
    2. Halloween
  3. British and their customs and traditions
    1. Wimbledon
    2. Wimbledon without grass?
    3. The Oxford and Cambridge boat race
    4. The Loch Ness
    5. Pubs
    6. The Highland games
    7. The bagpipes
    8. Cricket
  4. Bibliography

One of the most fascinating legends in Irish explains the origin of Ulster's heraldic symbol, the Red Hand. The symbol is tied to a family called O'Neill. In the legend, there was a boat race between the chieftains of the O'Neill and the McDonnell families to conquer the Ulster area. Whom so evers' right hand reached the shore would own the land. As both boats were neck to neck nearing the shore, the O'Neill chieftain saw that he was going to lose the race. Therefore, he cut off his right hand and threw it onto the shore where it touched dry land before McDonnell could arrive. Because of that, O'Neill became the King of Ulster and owned the land. That is why the symbol of Ulster is the Red Hand.

[...] Some of Wimbledon's traditions are: Strawberries with Cream on top Hot dogs Ice Creams (when it is sunny) The big tennis balls to be signed by the tennis players The umbrellas (because of the rain) The Oxford and Cambridge boat race The Oxford and Cambridge boat race between the two oldest universities in England takes place annually in late March or early April and is televised on BBC TV. The race is known The world's longest surviving sporting challenge? dating back to 1829. [...]

[...] Pubs are where many British people meet to talk and have a drink. Most families go there at least once a week. Most pubs have funny names with a sign outside and unique interiors. The most popular drink is Beer known as Bitter or Ale. It is warm (not cold like French Beer). It is quite strong and leaves a bitter taste in your mouth after drinking it. It is common to ask for snacks to eat with your drink. [...]

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