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Places and hotels in Jammu and Kashmir

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  1. Hotel industry and tourism
  2. A brief introduction to Jammu and Kashmir
  3. Indroduction to Jammu
    1. Location
    2. Climate and area
    3. Administration
  4. Historical places and mouments
    1. Bahu Fort
    2. Mubarak Mandi Complex
    3. Amar Mahal museum
    4. Dogra Art museum
    5. Ziarat Baba Budden Shah
    6. Ziarat baba Roshan Shah Wali
    7. Ziarat Peer Mitha
    8. Panch Peer
    9. Peer Khoh
    10. Raghunath temple
    11. Gadhadharji temple
    12. Ranbireshwar temple
    13. Purmandal
    14. Gurudwara sh. Guru Nanak Devji
  5. Tourist places
    1. Surinsar and Mansar lakes
    2. Jhajjar Kotli
    3. Bagh e Bahu
  6. Pprofile of the hotel
    1. Overview of Jehlum Resorts
  7. Facilities provided by the resort
    1. Banquet hall
    2. Board room
    3. Pool
    4. Sport facilities
    5. Multi cuisine restaurant
    6. Bar
    7. Coffee shop
    8. Luxury rooms
  8. Vvarious sources of hotel reservations
  9. Types of rooms available
  10. Discounts allowed
  11. Information
  12. Night auditor
  13. Forms and formats used
    1. Registration card
    2. Arrival and departure register
    3. Arrival slip
    4. C Form
    5. Guest folio
    6. Amenities voucher
    7. Room position format
    8. Discount / allowance
  14. Format used by the night receptionist
    1. Room report
    2. Message slip
    3. Guest history card
  15. Check in procedure
  16. Check out procedures
  17. Public areas
  18. Problems and solution
  19. Conclusion

The paradise state of Jammu and Kashmir has two capitals; Srinagar is the summer capital and Jammu is the winter capital. In March, the secretariat starts to function from Srinagar. Similarly, in October, the secretariat moves to the winter capital Jammu. Jammu and Kashmir is the pride of India with its enchanting snowcapped mountain ranges, fresh greenery and its beautiful people. Kashmir is located at the North West part of the state and Jammu is at the south west part. The state is divided in to three administrative divisions. One is the Kashmir Valley which has almost 50 % population of the state, the second division is Jammu with a 40 % population, and the third division of this state is Ladakh which is geographically different from the other two parts; 10 % of the population resides here.

Jammu is situated on the banks of River Tawi which is also called ?Jammu Tawi.? Jammu is bound by Udhampur district in the north and northeast, Kathua district in the east and south east, and Rajouri district in the North West. Jammu city is called the ?City of Temples?due to the presence of numerous temples and shrines in the city, such as the famous Vaishno Devi shrine. Jammu is also the railhead of the state.

[...] Registration card A card signed by a guest at the time of checking in, it is a type of contract with the hotel Arrival and departure register Government rules of any country specify that the particulars of guests staying in hotels have to be entered in a register Arrival slip A slip typed after the guest has been allotted a room. Copies of this slip are sent to room service, housekeeping and telephones, and mounted on the room rack and alphabetical rack C-Form A form that must be filled for all foreigners check in at the hotel, it contains details like name, passport number, nationality etc and needs to be sent to the foreign registration office Guest folio The guest bill is issued by the reception when the guest checks in and is passed on to the cashier Amenities voucher A voucher for amenities like flowers, fruits, etc to be sent to the room, it is normally made in triplicate with two of them being sent to the department concerned and the third for the books Room position format A format used for calculating the room position, it is normally calculated at the end of the evening shift Discount / Allowance Voucher for any discount or allowance given to guests Occupancy statistics Format used by the night receptionist to prepare the occupancy statistics 10. [...]

[...] Solution: The executive should check the grooming of staff and not allow anyone with dirty clothes or improper hygiene to work in the kitchen. FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE a. Problem: Shortage of staff leads to delayed service to customers; this, in turn, lowers the quality of services. Solution: Sufficient staff should be recruited, they should be experienced, and there should be regular training sessions for both existing staff and new recruits. b. Problem: Staff members themselves consume alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, thus affecting the profitability of the hotel. [...]

[...] ZIARAT BABA ROSHAN SHAH WALI An Arabian faquri in the 6th century traveled from the Arabian Peninsula and came to Jammu to settle at the plateau outside the town in a dense forest. The exceptionally large grave built on the slope of Gumat speaks about his lofty personality. ZIARAT PEER MITHA In the heart of the Jammu city, there is a magnificent tomb along with a mosque. The Ziarat is popularly known as Peer Mitha. Even the surrounding locality is named after the Ziarat. [...]

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