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  1. Introduction
  2. The first major failure of the progressive era
  3. Native Americans and the conservation movement
  4. Conclusion: The failure of the progressive era in its attempt to assimilate all Americans

Progressivism, the era between 1900 and 1920, is described by historians Arthur Link and Richard McCormick as ?the way in which a whole generation of Americans defined themselves politically and responded to the nations problems at the turn of the century.? These two historians believe that during this time period Americans overcame great political and social structures which in turn benefited the United States for many years to come. On the contrary, I agree with historian Richard Abrams in his statement that the progressive movement failed to ?restore or maintain the conventional consensus on a particular view of the universe, a particular set of values and a particular constellation of behavioral modes in the country's commerce, its industry, its social relations, and its politics.? Abrams is saying that in everything political and social, such as prohibition, racism, and discrimination.

[...] 8-10, 21-25, 113-118. Copyright 1983 by Harlan Davidson, Inc. Richard M. Abrams, Failure of Progressivism,? in Richard Abrams and Lawrence Levine, eds., The Shaping of the Twentieth Century, 2d ed. (Little, Brown, 1971). Copyright 1971 by Richard M. Abrams. K. Austin Kerr, ed., The [...]

[...] believed that it was impossible to tell whether prohibition was a good or bad thing because it was never enforced. LaGuardia admits that the saloons were tasteless and a main cause for prohibition, but he also recognizes that the United States now has tasteful stores, pool halls, drug stores, private parlors, and other places where casual consumption of alcohol can take place. Prohibition not only created a loss of American men's winding down place it increased the productivity of bootleggers leading to more negative impacts on the United States. [...]

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