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Prostitution and its origins

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Prostitution is defined as one of the ?oldest trades of the world?. It is necessary to reconsider the history of prostitution before studying the situation in the present day. It is true that it is not a new activity since it existed during the times of Antiquity. It was referred as the first form of crowned prostitution because it concerned the sterile women who, not being able to ensure procreation within a family with only one man, found a place in the company by serving the goddess of the fertility.

In Greece and Rome, the women were often treated as slaves. In Rome, the woman slave was excluded from the field of application that was based on the laws of adultery. In the Middle Ages, prostitution was organized gradually by the persons in charge of the law and order who drew a financial advantage from it. The woman was always regarded natural and as likely to bring back the homosexual ones on ?the right way?. Certain brothels were even occupied by monasteries.

From the middle of the 16th century, the tendency to organize the prostitution changed and the closing of the houses spread across Europe in countries that were reformed in the Catholic sense. The widespread prevalence of prostitution prevailed from the 17th till the 19th centuries. Some measures were taken aim to eradicate the practice by means of imposing imprisonment or banishment. These stringent measures were quickly forgotten and were thus, not applied in the truest sense. The practice prevailed all through the 19th century as an integral part of the social life in the sizable business of men or even students.

Today, prostitution seems to take a new face. The issues of network, traffic, sex tourism, drug, and exploitation, revive the eternal question: Does one have and can one prohibit prostitution?

All prohibitionist system seems doomed to failure if not accompanied by support measures for prostitutes and if it does not address the causes generating prostitution. Indeed, surveys show that most prostitutes are people from the middle of a precarious and with a great emotional distress.

Victims of serious frustrations emotionally, whether family or marital sex workers are often "unloved" suffering from emotional deprivation, educational and moral. Some of these prostitutes come from well-off or bourgeois, but were attracted to these environments and the money flowing through it. In their view, the difficulties are not prostitutes or activity, or the customers but not social recognition, lack of status and stigma.

The opening of a large house of prostitution for the World 2006 in Berlin has raised serious objections. Many see the degradation of women and the cowardly refusal to fight the bottom line: the economic and social distress of streetwalkers.

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