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Race and Minorities – Promising Practice

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  1. Introduction.
  2. Program Operations.
    1. Forums on race.
    2. Corporate job challenge.
    3. Business development program.
    4. Three principal elements.
  3. The program in South Africa.
  4. AmeriCorps involvement.
  5. The UEC's role.
  6. The effects of the corporate job challenge.
  7. The outcomes from the business development program.
  8. Criticism and conclusion.
  9. Bibliography.

The Urban Enterprise Center was created in 1995 to improve the social relations in Seattle after the celebrations dedicated to Martin Luther King two years prior where the offices of the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce were stormed and the local citizens made themselves heard. They made clear the abysmal living conditions faced on a daily basis including drugs, extreme poverty, racism, crime and violence as well as heavy unemployment, especially in the Central Area and Rainier Valley, despite Seattle gaining the status of the ?Most Livable City' awarded by Money. The organization is a three-tiered one working to improve social conditions for all in Seattle and particularly for those in the most destitute regions. It is a non-profit organization working on three levels ? Forums on Race, Corporate Job Challenges and business development, in order to strengthen social cohesion and create better chances for minorities, such as better employment prospects. The Forums on Race aim to promote education and eradicate common factors, which cause racism, such as fear.

[...] If ever any more proof was needed of the worthwhile cause that UEC's Forums on Race promotes and the fantastic work they do, they have received numerous accolades such as a special recognition as a Promising Practice by the President's Initiative on Race. They are also recipients of the City of Seattle's Award of Excellence in the domain of non-profit organizations with outstanding leadership and for valuing and managing diversity. The Forums on Race program was also awarded the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity's Faces of Courage Award 2000 for their work pertaining to breaking down barriers that foster racism. [...]

[...] These two aspects are generally on a larger scale compared with the Community Dinner and Dialogues, which is the third leg of the Forums on Race sector of the UEC promising practice organization. These dinners usually take place in local institutions such as churches and community centers and create opportunities for a more one to one and individual setting for talking about racial issues and ways to work towards a more cohesive society. Due to there not being any guest speakers at the Community Dinner and Dialogues as there are for ?It's Time to the individuals are more likely to engage in real discussion amongst themselves. [...]

[...] The Forums on Race has as its aim the eradication and suppression of barriers that breed racism for citizens of all different races to be able to live in peace and harmony and above all in safety and security within the community. Different ethnic minorities are encouraged to meet up and have discussions to see what can be done about the problems and how best to tackle racism effectively. Through personal discussion, the UEC Forums on Race hopes to provide an environment where often false, stereotypical, historic misconceptions of people of different races can finally be abolished and where members can really get to know people from different backgrounds. [...]

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