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Resist drug abuse

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  1. Introduction: Resist drug
  2. How do I know if a young person takes drugs
  3. Keep the hope for a healthy life
  4. Ron Hubbard explained the underlying causes of drug addiction
  5. The three consequences of drug use
  6. Conclusion
  7. Bibliography

Resist Drug: it is learned that often, young people and adolescents are introduced to drugs by friends or people they admire. In adolescence, the influence of peers is very strong. Thus, for "being in the loop" to be "cool", they commit acts that they would not have committed otherwise. Adults may lack information and do not know what to do to prevent a child from drugs and avoiding this trap.Many questions arise. This document answers. It tells you what to observe if you suspect that your child relates to drugs. And what if he or she does? Escape from drugs is just a matter of attitude. An informed child, who really understands the risks of addiction, will say "no" to illegal substances. Bombarded with songs, television programs, advertisements and websites that trivialize the use of drugs, children may not understand the dangers of these substances. They can imagine that there is no risk to introduce them to drugs.Adults should realize that the problem is there. We need to talk about drugs with kids, so they are not tempted. Do not do it. It will make you unconscious. Jean-Peter, former addict "Why not?" They say it too often. But the former drug addicts say: Do not start; even "just to try." We see that there rarely is in the process of becoming addicted, because regular consumption of drugs makes less and less conscious.

[...] Ron Hubbard have undertaken research on the drug problem since 1960 and have developed solutions to enable someone to be free of physical and spiritual effects of drugs. Ron Hubbard explained the underlying causes of drug addiction:? If a person is depressed, or suffering, and if it finds no relief in her treatment, she will eventually discover that the drug eliminates symptoms. In virtually all cases of pain, discomfort or ' psychosomatic discomfort, the person has sought a cure for his disease. [...]

[...] Vite Julien, a former drug addict. As for parents, to save your child from drugs, you must adopt a common attitude. Work together and you arrive at the exit of the trap. Understand what led your child to take drugs. Those who start using drugs do all for different reasons Parents must agree among themselves. Discovering that your child takes drug often causes tension and arguments between the couple. A mother can be overwhelmed by emotion left her child and give it such as money to buy a dose if it is missing. [...]

[...] Effects: Is the most powerful drug there is. Its effects calming the mind and body and eliminate pain. You feel euphoric and artificially sure itself. Dangers: - Overdose, which can cause death by slowing of respiration resulting in a lack of oxygen. - Vomiting and loss of consciousness: the risk of dying suffocated by vomit. - Malnutrition, letting go the full terms of health and hygiene (all that counts is the next dose). - Delinquency often theft or prostitution are the only means to obtain money for the purchase of his dose, especially as its ability to maintain employment decreases. [...]

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