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Role of human service agencies on combating sex-trafficking

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  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the Study
  3. Statement of the Problem
  4. Research Question
  5. Limitation
  6. De-limitation
  7. Definition of terms
  8. Assumptions
  9. Summary

Human trafficking is not a new problem. The problem of sex-trafficking began as early as 3000 BC-300 AD, starting during ancient times and existed within Roman, Egyptian, Persian and Greek cultures (Shared Hope International, 2009). Human trafficking is also considered to be one of the most profitable sources of revenue for organized crime (Hodge, 2008). A subset of human trafficking is sex-trafficking of children and young women for other forms of sexual exploitation and prostitution (Hodge, 2008).

Sex-trafficking within U.S borders is common and it is now being addressed as a social problem by many human service agencies such as Shared Hope International, End Child Trafficking, and many other human service agencies that are geared towards combating this problem. These organizations are actively involved in helping the victims of domestic sex-trafficking.

Chapter one will provide the reader with a general overview of the different approaches to combating minor sex-trafficking in research studies. This will help the reader to identify different components, such as the significance of the studies to social work, the historical background, the definitions, and the assumptions related to the study of minor sex-trafficking.

The research topic addresses the question of what social service agencies are doing to fight minor sex-trafficking. As stated earlier, sex-trafficking is becoming such an important issue that even Hanna, Cheryl the author of "Somebody's Daughter: The Domestic Trafficking of Girls for the Commercial Sex Industry and the Power of Love" stated the need for human service agencies to focus on domestic sex-trafficking stressing the need of the hour and she states, "modern trafficking of American girls-our own daughters-to be the customers of, and consumed by, our American sons" (Hanna, 2002, p.5).

Confronted with the evidence of this need to support and assist the domestic minor victims, Shared Hope International along with other human service agencies are currently striving to raise awareness and assist victims of trafficking.

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