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Sexual Deviance

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  1. Sexual deviance
  2. The internet and sexual deviance
  3. Pornography
  4. Child pornography
  5. Sociological explanations
  6. Conclusion
  7. Works cited

These days it almost seems as though the internet is synonymous with pornography. When the internet is mentioned on television, there is usually pornography displayed or mentioned. One reason why internet pornography is so popular is because the internet provides anonymity to it's patrons, allowing them to be freed of social constraints. There is an evident lack of leadership on the internet allowing anarchy to rule the citizens of the internet community. Because of this lack of social control, sexual deviance is rampant on the internet.
In this paper, the reader will learn about sexual deviance and the internet. After thoroughly explaining what sexual deviance is and the kinds of acts that can be considered in this category, this paper will delve into the legal issues surrounding sexual deviance. The paper will then transfer the idea of sexual deviance over to the internet and the laws that are applicable to the internet will be discussed. Since this is a sociological paper, it will conclude with a discussion of how sexual deviance on the internet can be explained in sociological terms by relating this issue to the social control theories of Durkheim, Marx, and Weber.

[...] The Internet and Sexual Deviance Most of today's college students probably do not remember how they passed time or did research before the internet came about. The internet, also known as the world wide web or cyberspace, is simply a large network of computers used for numerous pursuits, including communication, commerce, and information. The internet had nearly 37 million connected computers as of July 1998, and grows at an alarming rate of almost fifty percent a year (Casanova). The internet can be accessed by anyone who has a personal computer with an internet connection provided by an ISP, or internet service provider. [...]

[...] Conclusion Sexual deviance is not a new phenomenon, but its varied forms on the internet are. Sexual deviance on the internet has been able to grow and survive for numerous reasons as shown, including the anonymous nature of the internet, the easy accessibility, and the low cost of using the internet. Knowing this, it is fairly easy for one to apply the social control theories above to sexual deviance on the internet in order to explain in sociological terms why deviance has been able to thrive. [...]

[...] Since the Usenet arena is not really regulated and anyone with a credit card could participate, users are free to use their imagination and create sexual scenes without worrying about what others will think (Barron and Kimmel). Child pornography is also rampant on the internet. With the recent court ruling in Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition, people who wish to computer- generate child pornography can do so. In 1997 another law aimed at protecting children from the evils of internet pornography was struck down by the Supreme Court in Reno v. [...]

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