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Similarities and differences between adolescents of today and the past

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  1. Introduction
  2. The similarities and differences between the older and younger generations of adolescents
    1. Culture of the era
    2. Difference in cultures
  3. Windhover's interview
  4. Consequences of war
  5. The impact of media
  6. Endangered Minds: A study
  7. Conclusion

Adolescence is a time when if one feels normal then that is a significant indicator that in fact they are not. That statement has been true since the first teenager cursed out his parents until the last teenager to exist on Earth curses out his parents. The adolescent time of life always has been and always will be tumultuous. Likewise, each generation of teenagers will firmly believe that they have it harder than the previous generation while the older generation shakes its head thinking, ?kids these days?? and ?in my day??

This paper intends to examine the similarities and differences between adolescents of today and those of approximately fifty years ago. Also it will touch upon the similarities and differences between male and female adolescents facing the pressures of being teenagers in today's society and very superficially glance upon the effect that socioeconomic status (SES) has on their level of functioning and perception of the world around them. For the purpose of this paper three adolescents, two females and a male, and an older individual, a male were interviewed about their experiences as adolescents. Their responses have shaped the conclusions drawn here.

[...] If one were to watch the latter then they (if part of the Catholic Church) would be excommunicated unless/until they went to confession and were absolved from what was considered a mortal sin. Parents and religion in those times trumped the media which was a servant to a culture that wouldn't have supported overt sexual content. Today the media is far more racy, is visual, and more families are single parent or two working parent homes which means the adolescents have no one to be accountable to regarding many aspects of their lives. [...]

[...] Though many more comparisons can be made between the generations of adolescents, they are beyond the scope of this paper and it's time to consider the differences between adolescent boys and girls of today. While both Francesca and Michael spoke about problems with their parents and conflict within their families, they discussed the problems in different ways. Michael, for instance, talked about his mother as a ?psychobitch.? He didn't elaborate on what makes her so bad to deal with and he didn't imply that he takes responsibility for her. [...]

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