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Study of the religious syncretisms in Korea

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In his work, ?The scientist and the Policy in 1919', Weber underlines what he thinks of the process of ?disenchantment of the world'. This is described as a decline of the influence of religion in the context of increasing the rationalization of the world. However, South Korea has faced a notable growth in the proportion of religious people in its population during its phase of industrialization and fast urbanization.

Weber also talks about the new religious movements, from syncretism,Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism, Christianity to Shamanism . Halbwachs (1962) is a pupil of Durkheim and studied the superposition of the religious memories which led to the reinterpretation of the initial religion according to the relations of force and of the societal context. Thus, religious memory must be reactivated while, at the same, maintaining an impression of continuity. A parallel can be traced with Christianity, the most recent religion in Korea as well as with Shamanism(one of the oldest traditions).

Christianity has to be redefined in the Korean context in order to be established more durably. But Shamanism survived through the incorporation of some of these beliefs in more institutionalized religions.

With 160 Protestant denominations and 60,000 churches, South Korea is one of the most Christian of non-western countries after the Philippines. (RA Kim, 2002).

Tags - Korea, religion, Shamanism , Christianity

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