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SWOT analysis on National Society of the Prevention Cruelty to Children's Online Program

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  1. Introduction
  2. SWOT analysis
  3. PEST analysis
  4. Conclusion
  5. Bibliography

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSP??) is one of Great Britain's largest and most financially successful charities. In many ways, when the NSP?? decided to launch a program for its donors to bank online, it was simultaneously offering too much and asking too much, but these are issues that can be addressed.

Under the new program, every one of the charity's 780,000 donors (including the donors who had lapsed) could now manage their own donations accounts. Using the NSP?? Web site, donors now could raise, lower or cancel their monthly giving payments. They were given options to tell the NSP?? how often they wanted to receive mailings, specify whether or not they wanted phone, e-mail or mail contact, choose to order merchandise, check an up-to-date statement of their donations or reactivate their membership if it had lapsed.

[...] A need exists for cross-cultural diversity communication skills to address the needs of the cross-cultural diversity of the shifting population demographics of the UK. This could prove even more challenging online. Opportunities Donors want more for their gifts and this helps offer come of that. Making the donor feel special by way of the personal touch helps distinguish NSPCC from completion. For specialized drives or interests, relationship fundraising can make specialized targeting much more cost-effective. Recent high-profile cases in the media such as the McCann case have highlighted the need for protecting children and providing services for them. [...]

[...] Shifting to a larger online presence risks diluting the message. PEST and the NSPCC Political Although the NSPCC publicize the parliamentary support they have received on their website, the current instability of the United Kingdom's government and the possibility of an election happening in the near future requires assessing the stances of the three main parties and seeing how they could affect the NSPCC. The current situation in Iraq continues to worsen and will also impact government funding as the monies are allocated to the international concern. [...]

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