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The Celtic tiger and its impact on life in Ireland

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  1. Introduction
  2. Origin of the name Celtic Tiger
  3. Reasons why Ireland is an ideal location for companies
  4. The idea of export growth
    1. The growth of the Information Technology (IT)
    2. The expansion of technology in Ireland
  5. Growth of employment through Celtic Tiger
  6. Aspects of the Irish life
  7. The expansion of education in Ireland
  8. Positive aspects of globalization
  9. The touch of inequality in Celtic Tiger
  10. Changes in poverty
    1. Decrease in poverty in Ireland
  11. Transformation of Ireland by Celtic Tiger
  12. Conclusion
  13. Work cited

While some may say the advancement and growth of technology in Ireland is a more recent development, say within the last decade, it can actually be traced back to the 1950's. Many people still think of Ireland as a group of country farmers and small town people, but it is quite the opposite. The citizens of Ireland have been advancing and expanding as a whole. Just as in America, you will now see people in Ireland emailing and working in large ? companies with the moving in of companies such as IBM and Microsoft. It would not be a stretch to say the introduction of these technologies has had an effect on the people of Ireland, but one could argue for both sides on whether it is a positive effect or a negative one. The causes of Ireland's growth are the subject of some debate, but credit has been primarily given to free market capitalism: low corporate taxation; decades of investment in higher education; a low-cost labor market; a policy of restraint in government spending; and EU membership, or the development of the Celtic Tiger.

[...] An aspect of Irish life that the Celtic Tiger has had a huge effect on is emigration, and like all aspects of the Celtic Tiger, there are advantages and disadvantages. One major advantage was that the youth of Ireland no longer had to emigrate to find work. Now Ireland had an educated labor force that aren't leaving the country and could fill in the job vacancies available from the new Multi-National companies that were coming to Ireland.[16] By Multi National companies, I mean companies that operate globally. [...]

[...] THE SOCIAL IMPACT OF THE CELTIC TIGER IN IRELAND." The Economic and Social Research Institute 28 June Nov . Baccaro, Lucio, and Marco Simoni. "The Irish social partnership and the ?celtic tiger? phenomenon." INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR LABOUR STUDIES (2004) Nov . Baccaro, Lucio, and Marco Simoni. "The Irish social partnership and the ?celtic tiger? phenomenon." INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE FOR LABOUR STUDIES (2004) Nov . The Department of Education and Science. Dept. home page. Sandford Lodge Oct . The Department of Education and Science. [...]

[...] The foundation of the Celtic Tiger was a Social Partnership, which when defined means everyone is equal, employers treated employees with respect and vice versa, no one person was better than the other.[38] One of the main objectives of the Celtic Tiger was to get rid of the gap the existed between the working class and middle class.[39] The working classes were stereotypically known to live on family farms throughout Ireland, or worked in factories and wore overalls to work. [...]

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