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The construction of the financial world

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  1. Introduction
  2. Beginning of future contracts
  3. Explanation of a financial world
  4. Use of risk in finance
  5. Conclusion

Markieke de Goede's Virtue, Fortune and Faith, exposes the ambiguous scientific authority that the financial world has accrued over the years of evolvement. As de Goede presents the various nations that criticized and speculated the essential elements that make up the financial world today, she exhibits the rumination that countries including Russia, United States and Britain had in order to distinguish ?finance?, ?gambling,? and ?speculation?. The ambiguity that is highlighted by de Goede, is the essence of the financial world she aims to describe.

[...] Then, how does this essential element of global finance affect the main practice that takes place under financial services: trading? Zaloom says that the market becomes a place where traders are meant to perfect their risk taking abilities through obedience and discipline. The nature of global finance calls for an individual with a high level of discipline and self-regulation where focus is crucial, and everything must be cut out from one's mind in order to properly listen to orders from someone else. [...]

[...] Now that de Goede has provided an adequate explanation of a financial world underlined by ambiguous authority and constant association with gambling, Zaloom will provide the explanation for the main player this picture. Zaloom uses Geller's explanation of a trader's relationship with the financial system in order to portray the value of the market and its position it the financial system. market holds absolute truths. It determines traders' financial fates, and it acts as the arbiter of the speculators' moral worth. [...]

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