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The creation of the patrilineal band

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  1. Introduction
  2. The distinct qualities of the patrilineal band
  3. The explanation of the existence of patrilineal bands
  4. The macro focus of the article
  5. The stability of the patrilineal band
  6. The idea of the common goal
  7. Conclusion

Among the many topics studied by the anthropologist is the creation and maintaining of what is called the patrilineal band. Julian Steward offers a very distinct view of what it means to be a patrilineal band, and what it takes to keep it alive in his article ?The Patrilineal Band.? Steward illustrates the distinct qualities of the tribes, the possible explanation for their existence including both seemingly right and wrong theories, and of course how different patrilineal bands vary. Among my own concepts of the article are the varying theoretical characteristics involved. From an analytical point of view, the article emphasizes a mainly macro view, along with a strong focus on social process as well as a focus on the stability of the group itself. All of these concepts help to understand the theory but applying the theory to an everyday situation will help even more.

[...] One of the first explanations that Steward says is false is the idea that these tribes borrowed the plan of the patrilineal band from neighboring tribes. This is false because the neighbors of the tribes Steward studied in particular simply were not patrilineal bands. The second of the false theories is the idea that the patrilineal band developed in some archaic culture and was passed down generations. This is false because the patrilineal band is connected to a specific kind of environment and subsistence living. [...]

[...] He leaves out psycho- analysis because that would stray from what he was trying to fully understand about the creation of the patrilineal band. The macro focus of the article is not the only analysis to pay attention to. The social structure being studied in Steward's article is the patrilineal band itself. The social process would be what is happening within the bands. The main focus of the article is on the processes within the structure. Obviously Steward's argument is about how the structure is created, but the social processes are not ignored. [...]

[...] One characteristic of the patrilineal band is that, often there is little or no leadership. One reason for stability within other societies is the want or need to follow a particular person and what could also be a fear of that person or persons. Often people feel as if they could not survive without a specific person or persons running the show. In the patrilineal bands however, leadership is limited to things like ceremonies or putting together and controlling a hunt. [...]

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