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The destructive effects of abortion

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  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of abortion
  3. Abortion rates in the Unites States (US)
  4. Abortion methods
  5. Abortion age group
  6. Aboration: A devastating experience
  7. The claims of pro-choice individuals
  8. Conclusion
  9. Sources

Imagine someone stabbing your head with scissors and abruptly pulling your skull out. A suction device is inserted inside your head which evacuates your skull contents. Your body is then cut up into small pieces and thrown away like an empty pop can. Pretty picture right? Well unfortunately, what I described is just one of many different procedures that occur more than 4000 times a day, due to the legalization of abortion. In today's culture, millions of infants have experienced cruel deaths because of society's belief in the termination of pregnancy. I am highly against abortion and I believe that the legalization of abortion was one big mistake our country has made.

[...] Why is it only in the case of abortion they argue that should be absolute? Using the same rationale, wouldn't people have the right to drugs (?it's my or the right to ?choose to practice prostitution? Humane societies don't tell people they have a ?freedom of choice? to kill their own children. In life, there are right and wrong choices. In recent history, millions of innocent people died because of terribly wrong choices that slave owners and Nazis thought they had a to make. [...]

[...] Women who resort to abortion are not helping the issue, but putting themselves through a second act of violence. By taking a stand and accepting the child for what it's worth, something horrible can turn into something life-giving. The key here is support for both of the victims, mother and child. Abortion is such a devastating experience and can have negative side effects with women. The National Institute of Health found that girls and young women were more likely to think about committing suicide, and they were also much more likely to follow through with it. [...]

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