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The post boasians and British social anthropology

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  1. Introduction
  2. Alfred Kroeber: The main figure in the development of American anthropology
  3. The concept of configurationalism
  4. The first female anthropologist to conduct actual fieldwork in a faraway place
  5. Leslie White and the re birth of evolutionism
  6. Conclusion

From the 1920 through the 1950's there was an effort to explain culture, but to explain it according to its effects on human behavior and development. Some theorists see things universally while other want to look at each culture as unique and thus not capable of being compared with other cultures. Theories were developing across the world stating that ?culture? was just a small piece of the socio-cultural system and that we as scientists need to look at all aspects. And finally, theories were being revived regarding the line of development that all societies follow. In the following paragraphs I will develop the approaches of several ?post-boasian? theories as well as the approaches of the British social anthropologists. Finally I will discuss the theories of White and Steward and their attempts to bring back the theory of evolutionism.

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