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The problem of poverty – What is it and how to solve it

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  1. Introduction
  2. The investigation of poverty
  3. The roots or causes of poverty
  4. Poverty eradication
  5. Conclusion
  6. Bibliography

The study of poverty is an interesting one as it is a broad term and there are many different types of poverty. Within the study of this subject, there are some key points to remember. To begin with, poverty is relative, as it is a concept that very much depends on whom one is surrounded by. If everyone in a group experiences the same circumstances then the notion of wealth and poverty is unclear. In fact, poverty is something that exists only in relation to realized quantities and expectations. Poverty is not something that is limited to the world's poorest areas; it occurs in all races and in all parts of the world. Being in poverty is not the result of a clear cut distinction either, as the notion of economic class falls on a continuous line. (Wratten, 1995). Additionally, situational poverty is distinct from generational poverty, as the former is a consequence of circumstance like death, illness or divorce and usually lasts for a shorter period of time, while generational poverty is something that afflicts people for generations. (Brady, 2003). Of course these insights are based on patterns and there are exceptions to all patterns. This report will examine exactly what poverty is, and how it should be measured. It will then discuss the roots or causes of this problem, and who or what agent(s) have obligations to alleviate, diminish or eradicate poverty, and what reasons there are for this obligation.

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