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The riots in the suburb of France in November 2005

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This document presents an analysis of the events of November 2005 which set ablaze the suburbs of France with a view to decoding the reasons behind it. According to statistics, the youth in France launched a serious political mobilization. In this document, we analyze the range of this movement, its impact and its possible continuation to the future.

Up to 1000 cars burned by night, three deaths, public buildings target of Molotov cocktails, live ammunition, this was the common trait of the riots that rocked France. The violent riots of November 2005 in the inner French cities have a terrifying record. These violent movements were relayed around the world on the news channels, images of a France that burned under the Molotov cocktails, set in motion by the offspring of immigrants who were refused integration into the society fabric. Within the territory, the shock was terrible, the mainstream French class seemed to have finally discovered the true face and power of the immigrant families from the other side of the town.

These new "dangerous classes" were considered to be at odds with the integrative model of society; paradoxically, these same perpetrators of the riots were presented as victims of a society that rejects them in dire economic, social, and cultural needs. However, these acts of urban violence call into question all the reasons and justifications; the reasons for the constantly suspicious attitude of the authorities towards the immigrant population, and demand for social and economic equality. In fact the riots of November presented with so little finesse by media images have been frequently described as an explosion of violence by young people confused, but they failed irremediably to initiate a political motion to address the needs of a society in ferment.

The riots of November 2005 are characterized by the addition of claims and actors but have a common motivation, out of exclusion but especially primarily located in the Paris suburbs, the media has raised awareness for the need for mobilization.

Tags : French riots, immigrant integration into French society, social and economic equality

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