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The role of education in national development

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  1. Introduction
  2. Meaning of nation
  3. Understanding the concept of development
    1. The concept of national development
    2. Social development
    3. Political development
    4. Economic development
    5. Technological development
  4. Indicators of national development
  5. Meaning of education
  6. Education's contribution to national development
  7. Education and political development
  8. Education and cultural development
  9. Education and social development
  10. Education and economic development
  11. Education and technological development
  12. Summary and conclusion
  13. References

There are various diseases in the world today, which include the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Cancer, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Poliomyelitis, Smallpox, Measles and others. The diseases are known by the damages they inflict on their victims. They are also curable using relevant drugs and injection. There is however a common disease, whose symptoms are different from the normal diseases, which is ?ignorance'. An ignorant individual usually suffers low reasoning power, inability to differentiate what is good from what is bad, low social interaction, low emotion, and low psychological feelings among others. Education is however the only antidote to ?Ignorance'.

[...] For example, political science is offered as a course at the university level. Students are taught this course and made to carry out researchers on aspects of it at the end of their career. Through this, the political ideologies/theories are exposed to more generations. Education and Cultural Development Education plays impact on the cultural development of a nation. It helps in developing or modifying the existing cultural values through the creativity of products of the educational system. It also helps in transmitting cultural values from one generation to the next. [...]

[...] Summary and Conclusion The role of education in national development cannot be overemphasized. In both the economic, political, cultural, scientific and technological as well as social aspects, education plays significant roles. In view of the roles of education in national development therefore, it behooves on government of countries in the world to provide education for enviable development to be achieved. References Achimugu, L (2000).The Agonies of Nigerian Teachers. Port Harcourt, Nigeria: Baron Press Limited Eduese, E.D (1996) Teachers: The Issue of Quality, Quantity and Cost in Nigerian Secondary Schools. [...]

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