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The search leading to cool

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  1. Introduction
  2. Norman Mailer's article
  3. The search for the orgasm
  4. The course of the novel
  5. Sal's journey
  6. The evident of the search
  7. An outlook on San Francisco
  8. The concept of searching for the ultimate orgasm
  9. The conclusion of Sal's journey
  10. Conclusion
  11. Works cited

The word cool was developed into English slang following World War II to mean more than relating to temperature. By the 1950's and 60's cool represented a way of life, a relaxed indifference. This way of life was demonstrated and later followed by characters known as Beats. These Beats took ?cool? above and beyond just being relaxed or indifferent. Today, fifty years later, being ?cool? is very different than what it once was with the same roots defining it. It is now difficult to find one concrete definition that can withstand the passing of decades. Jack Kerouac was one of the famous Beats during the time following the war. He, like many of his fellow friends and Beat members, wrote about the ?cool? and ?hip.?

[...] In On The Road Kerouac used characters to show that it was not the high expectations they had that made them cool, but rather the search to satisfy them. The search for the orgasm can be used as a metaphor for the many things sought after by the characters in On The Road, including the women they met, the places they stayed, and their overall state of life. The search that Mailer wrote about is what drove Sal, Sal's right-hand man and gang leader Dean Moriarty (the epitome of cool), and the rest of the Beats to do what they did and defined who they were. [...]

[...] At the end of the novel Sal, once again, returned to New York and settled down. He was past that stage in his life of searching and he believed he had found his home. He was no longer moving around and therefore he was no longer Sal's last memory of Dean was of Dean moving once again and Sal will forever remember Dean as being cool because while Sal was in Dean's life, Dean never settled. The concept of searching for the ultimate orgasm was not just demonstrated by the location, the women, or objects; it was really demonstrated simply by their way of life. [...]

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