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The social responsibility of business: Why is it stigmatized?

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  1. Introduction
  2. Technological progress
  3. Relocation: Relocate production
    1. The common challenge
    2. Kyoto protocol
  4. Organizational change
    1. The ability to innovate and incorporate technological changes
    2. Enterprise networks
  5. The rational design change
  6. Organizational development
  7. Change of the crisis
  8. Integrated change
  9. The four processes for decision-making
  10. Conclusion

Energy costs can represent 15-20% of total expenses or even the raise in the product's cost for some businesses. This is especially true for companies producing steel, cement, sugar, paper and fertilizer. Energy is used in the form of coal, oil, gas and water.

A major concern for these companies is to find ways of reducing the expenditure non energy as this will automatically reduce the cost of production. There are two ways of doing this

[...] Internally, the organization is independent of external constraints. It serves as a cocoon in which we feel protected from the external world. However the company can not be unaffected by what happens outside because it has to constantly adapt to the constraints posed by such occurrences. All external changes are not potentially traumatic for the company. A company seeking to preserve this cocoon may establish partnerships. Being linked with other companies that are still in the process of strengthening, may help establish business intelligence. [...]

[...] A need for security is necessary for the wellbeing of the organization, but it must involve accommodate the need for change. In general, the change that results from the crisis alters the direction of the company. If crisis management fails to read the situation accurately, it will be unable to adapt the organization in a timely manner. Integrated change Services which cause stiffness in the company must be opened up. Environmental monitoring must be implemented in all aspects of the service. [...]

[...] For example: the manufacture of aluminum requires a lot of water, which is why most aluminum plants are located close to Alpine access points to water. A manufacturing unit may chose to settle near its customers, especially when it is very expensive to transport the finished product. For example a cement factory. The common challenge that businesses face is the choice of which strategy to choose in order to reduce costs most effectively, and the choice of a strategy for sustainable development. [...]

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