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The tourist potential of Portugal

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  1. Introduction
  2. Geography
    1. Location
    2. Climate
    3. Landforms and vegetation
    4. Hydrography
  3. Human Elements
    1. Landmarks of History
    2. Economics and politics
    3. Customs and religion
    4. Communication Channels
    5. Tourist flows
  4. Areas of tourism
    1. Cultural tourism
    2. Natural beauty
    3. Resort
    4. Health and welfare
    5. Business tourism
    6. Sustainable Tourism Fair

Portugal is a very charming and welcoming country. It stretches along the Atlantic coast and has beautiful beaches and historic towns especially in the region of the Algarve. The country has maintained its hinterland, with its wild life and beautiful landscapes. Portuguese culture and its ancient history (Manueline style), with it rich cultural significance is reflected everywhere.

In the first part of this document we will study the geography of the territory as well as its climate and hydrography. In the second part, we will examine the human elements, consisting of the history, economic policy, customs and religion, transportation routes and tourism in Portugal. Finally, in the third part, we will analyze the elements of tourism: the cultural, natural and sporting opportunities, beach-activities and sports, welfare, business tourism and sustainable tourism.

[...] However, the Atlantic Sea north of Portugal is very choppy, and is therefore does not favor the establishment of resorts along the adjoining coast. However on the Costa Verde, there are 200km of sandy beaches. South of the Costa Verde, there is the Costa de Prata, with the city of Nazareth. It started as a fishing village, which has now become a popular tourist attraction with rolling beaches and beautiful resorts. The tourists are mostly families and people interested in sports. [...]

[...] Manueline architecture is visible throughout the country; Portugal has made a genuine national art of the tile and the panels that typify the architecture Portugal is also known for its Baroque architecture Communication Channels It is very easy to travel from France to Portugal. There are direct flights throughout the year, especially in summer. It is also possible to reach Portugal by road, but the journey from France to Portugal is long and arduous owing to bad roads, and careless drivers. [...]

[...] The city has numerous churches, and is an important hub of religious tourism Coimbra houses one of the oldest universities in Portugal and Europe and has a very rich library. It is a lively and vibrant campus. Coimbra also has "Little Portugal", and a beautiful cathedral. From May 1st to 15th, there is a college festival in the city. Fatima is said to be the "Lourdes of Portugal? and is an important place of pilgrimage, as it is the place where the Virgin Mary appeared to three children. [...]

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