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The United States: A country without socialism?

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The second half of the nineteenth century was marked in the West by the second industrial revolution. Everywhere social and political changes had accompanied this revolution. In this last area it is socialism that has been in the major innovation among the traditional political parties, knowing a growing political success among the lower classes and that, in the vast majority industrialized countries. Only the United States is an exception in this area. On the eve of the war of 14, there is no socialist deputy in Congress. However, there were 82 in Austria-Hungary, 119 in Germany, 103 in France, 42 in England, 80 in Italy, 90 in Finland, etc. One counts several dozen in all European parliaments. Although the representation in Parliament was not sufficient to account for the reality of the roots of socialist ideas in the country,however, it reflects the uniqueness of the American case.

In light of this it seems legitimate to ask:To what extent can one speak of American exceptionalism in socialism? After reporting the first successful socialist ideology, one will see that economic and social conditions of country-specific policies have prevented its realization. Finally, it will also be seen how the American political system itself has since been an obstacle to the definitive political achievement of socialism.

The first socialist theories appear in Europe in the seventeenth century. The two main claims of freedom and equality, which are linked because of the existence of freedom requires equality for all. Faced with the misery of the working classes it was developing a utopian socialism which advocates a form of social organization borrowed from the past.

Tags: Socialism; America an exception to socialism; economic and social conditions; socialist ideology

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