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Tourism in Algeria

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  1. Destination Overview
  2. The main tourist attractions
  3. History of Tourism in Algeria
    1. A short history
    2. History of tourism in the country
    3. Changes in the number of tourists since 1991
    4. Annual changes in Algerian tourism
  4. Current tourism situation
  5. Algeria, a country at risk?
  6. Tourist Products
  7. Strengths and Weaknesses of Algeria
  8. Customer
  9. Socio-economic factors of the country
  10. Tourism Development Strategy 2010
  11. Current Issues and problems

The Algerian tourism is very diverse; it can be divided into three main places of interest. Firstly, the desert and mountains that is mostly in the south. In fact, the Sahara occupies the largest part of the territory. In this part of the country, we can spot the Tuaregs. Among these mountains, one can also find the Hoggar, the Tassili or Assekrem. These regions are large expanses of sand, where you can see great canyons, plateaus, and rock carvings representing animals such as elephant and giraffe.

[...] But we should not put this growth for the sole benefit of the tourism strategy alone, as Algeria is primarily a country that derives its income from oil and which has benefited in recent years rising prices of oil. VI. Current Issues and problems As noted above, almost all of the objectives defined by the 2000 policy of "Horizon 2010" were achieved. So the government decided to revise this strategy by developing a strategy "2015." Ultimately, the goal of the project is more or less the same, however it should be noted that the number of tourists to reach has been revised rising: the goal is to reach 3 million by 2015, that is to say, double the number of tourists. [...]

[...] The primary objectives are: o the establishment of a framework to coordinate the sustainable development of tourism o the design, development and promotion of tourism activities o the increase of tourist flows (target: 1.2 million in 2010) Ultimately, the objectives of this strategy are: o increased accommodation capacity (over 50,000 beds in 2010) o rehabilitation of the existing hotel stock (currently "over 85,000 beds do not meet international standards," according to Minister of Tourism) o diversification of tourism o improving the country's image o creation and increased employment in this sector o increasing tourist flows o Insertion of the destination of Algeria international tours. [...]

[...] It offers different types of tourism as follows: o Saharan tourism o Cultural tourism o Beach tourism Indeed, with a high diversity of landscapes and landforms, Algeria has both a cultural and historical importance. It has 1,200 km of coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and a vast expanse of sand and desert that occupies a vast area. Most of the land area comprises the Sahara. Therefore, tourism services (packages) are varied like 4x4 tours, trekking, camel rides, walking, holidaying on the beach and exploring the cities. [...]

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