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Types of asanas in yoga

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  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding asanas
  3. Accomplishing asanas
  4. Types of asanas in yoga
  5. Salient features
  6. Conclusion

According to patanjali's schedule of Astanga Yoga Asana is placed as third step in the practice of Yoga but in the Dhyana bindu and Yoga Chudamani Upanishad Asanas is placed as first step because Yama and Niyama have been considered as the prerequisite of the practice of Yoga.

In past sages show animal performing certain postures and they were never getting ill. The sage started practicing what they show and found themselves being cured from physical illness.

[...] It facilitates every movement of the diaphragm in breathing. In such a condition the breathing movement changes the diameter of the Thoracic cavity during inhalation and exhalation. The center of gravity shifts forward and backward very minutely, but the propioceptors in the trunk muscles bring out theory alternate contractions and relaxation through the stretch reflex mechanism. The lower center of the brain can thus easily maintain the balance of the body below the level of consciousness. This allows the practitioners to maintain the posture. [...]

[...] If the corrective Asanas are prescribed in effortless manner, the cortical activities does not interfere with this functional axis and that is why new emotional tensions cannot disturb the individual. The venous return becomes very easy, brain recovers sufficient quantity of blood easily and makes the nervous system refreshed. Relaxative Asanas The yogic relaxation is directly related to the awareness and ends at the release of tensions working at the level of the consciousness. Anatomic-physiological considerations: The horizontal and relaxed position of body. [...]

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