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Usage of anabolic steroids for cosmetic reasons

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  1. Introduction
  2. Definition of terms
  3. Study focusing on steroid use among male athletes
  4. Risk in usage of steroid
  5. The kind of people use steriods
  6. Analysis of the article 'Behind the Bulk'
  7. Dr. Pope's ideas
  8. Re-examining Goldfield's 2006 study
  9. Increasing popularity of steroids in the last two decades
  10. Research and analysis
    1. Participants
    2. Procedures
    3. Instrument
    4. Ethical principles
    5. Data collection methods
    6. Anonymous survey
    7. Validity
    8. Reliability
  11. Threats to validity of collected data
  12. Data analysis
  13. Discussion of the findings
    1. Hypotheses of the proposal
    2. Statistical results
    3. Discussion of statistical results
  14. Chart showing the results to the cosmetic related question
  15. Conclusion and recommendations
  16. References
  17. Survey questions

The purpose of this study is to determine if anabolic steroids are used for cosmetic reasons. A thorough survey was administered to 144 willing participants. Participants were asked about their steroid use, their reasons for use, and what attracted them to androgenic anabolic steroids. The findings indicated that most steroids users are unhappy with their bodies despite regular workouts and trips to the gym. Many participants were concerned about improving the look of their bodies. Strength and self-confidence were other popular reasons, but only 16 participants used steroids for athletic reasons. The findings supported the hypothesis that steroids are a popular and easy way to enhance looks and self-esteem.

For many Americans, steroids have become an easy road to achieving a superhuman body. Over the past few decades, many athletes who are looking for a quick way to strengthen their bodies and improve their game have used steroids. But recently steroids have been spotted outside the athletic community. Everyone from high-school boys to accomplished businessmen has used steroids to enhance their bodies and athletic performances. The importance of studying these drugs has become increasingly apparent as steroids become more popular; but research on steroids is limited and studies are few and far between.

[...] Part of the researcher's survey asked questions about reasons for AAS use; 62% of the participants stated that they started using steroids to become stronger or to achieve a great looking body fast. Another 60% of the participants indicated that a good-looking body helps them feel more self- confident. When asked how important a good-looking body is 87% of those surveyed marked ?very important? or important?. Similar results were calculated when participants were asked about strength: 92% admitted that physical strength as either ?very important? or important?. [...]

[...] Mood Swings "Roid Roge") One of the following: Feminizing effects in males (growth of breast tissue), Shrunken testicles, Reduced sperm count, Impotence, Infertility One of the following: Liver Damage, Kidney damage One of the following: Male attributes in females (deepening of voice, excessive hair growth), Enlarged clitoris, Menstrual cycle stops Mild symtons like acne or insomnia Do you feel that the steroids make you more violent? No Only when I drink alcohol or take other drugs (i.e narcotics) Yes What made you start using steroids? [...]

[...] All of these statistics show that the myth of steroids use being restricted to pro- athletes is false. Another interesting survey researched who will use steroids. Lars Wichstrom's Predictors of Future Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Use focused on a group of Norwegian high school students (Wichstrom, Lars, 2006). Students were asked to fill out a survey and researchers followed up with the participants after a five year period. Researchers concluded that frequent alcohol use and involvement in ?power sports? were two factors that may predict future AAS use. [...]

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