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Debate of Burqa in France

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  1. Introduction
  2. Debate of Burqa in France
    1. History
    2. Religious or culturural
  3. The burqa in other countries
    1. Afghanistan
    2. Saudi Arabia
    3. How other European counties managed the question
  4. The ethical problem
    1. The debate
    2. The confusion about Islam
  5. Conclusion

In June 2009, the French president spelled out the official position of the government regarding burqa attire in France by saying that the burqa is not welcome. However, this ethical challenge is not only based on recent facts, but has existed for many years. Twenty years ago, the debate started with the use of head scarves in schools, but became increasingly significant after the attacks of September 11 in 2001. Influenced by the military presence in Afghanistan, the debate occupied an important place in the minds of the French population.

Is it right to create a new law ordering the ban of burqa in France? Does this new law represent the best way to guarantee the respects of human rights and more specifically women's rights? Are the burqa clad women the only parties affected by this law or will it have some implications for other people and communities as well?

In order to address the global situation of this ethical problem, we will initially define the French debate of burqa by analyzing its stakeholders and the historical outcome of this problem. Subsequently, we will take a look at other countries and define the ethical issues involved.

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