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Use of animals in business

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  1. Businesses and industries using animals to do business
    1. The food industry
    2. The human being and its characteristics
    3. Eating meat: a growing trend - Increasing population related to an increasing meat consumption
    4. Worldwide points of view
    5. Impact on business strategies
    6. Stakeholders
  2. What is animal testing?
    1. How is the testing proceeded?
  3. How many animals are used annually for experimentation?
  4. Who are the stakeholders in animal experimentation and testing?
    1. Pharmaceutical industry
    2. The chemical and cosmetic industry
    3. Animal Welfare Organisations
    4. The Government
  5. Are there any standards?
  6. Are there alternatives to animal testing?
  7. Success stories and scandals
  8. Animals in the game industry
    1. Cock fighting
    2. Horse racing

Humans have been using animals ever since they existed. But for what purposes do we actually use animals? We started to domesticate them in 15,000 BC. First reports about hunting animals were found on an ancient cave painting from the Stone Age. In some parts of the world dogs are hunted instead of being used to hunt other animals likes the foxes and birds. After hunting them they are killed, cooked and eaten as a delicacy. What is the difference between boiling a cat in Korea and boiling pig in Sweden? Does culture and tradition justify the way animals are used? What are the benefits of animals in a business?

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