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The health and social institutions of France

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Health institutions and social organizations enable protection, assistance and social work and health. While one might think that social organization is a mission that should be included under public policies, this important role is ,in fact, played by the private sector.

There are three types of institutions: public institutions, joint institutions, and private institutions. These institutions cooperate and complement each other.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security (the names and organizations can vary from one government to another) is composed of the IGAS, the Directorate of Social Welfare, Directorate of Social Security, Branch Hospitals etc.

The DRASS (Directorate General of Health and Social Affairs), under the authority of the prefect of the region, is responsible for coordinating DDASS and power equipment. They include three basic services: two technical inspections (health and equipment) and a cell of general administration.

The DDASS (Departmental Directorates of Health and Social Affairs) implements the policy of national solidarity that is conducted by the State. Under the joint authority of the Prefect and the General Council, the control of the DDASS care facilities, monitors the health of the populations and coordinates the health equipment.

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