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Hydronium Concentration of Water and its Effect on Fast Plant Growth

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  1. Introduction
    1. The Wisconsin fast plant
  2. Method
  3. Results
  4. Discussion
  5. Conclusion
  6. Resources

Acid rain has always been said to damage the plant life which absorbs the acid water as it would regular water. In this experiment we have decided to see whether this is true and if acid content of water has any effect on plant growth. We have setup an experiment and predict that pH will affect the height and leaf lengths of fast plants. Also we predict that the control will provide the largest plants.

[...] A plants growth with water that contained a pH concentration of 4 would show a slower and less healthy growth then the plant grown with water that had no acidity. A pH of 7 would show even worse results and a pH of 10 would show the worst. We would test the effects of the different pH levels by watering the plants with water that contained different concentrations of Sulfuric Acid, and monitored the results. We checked the progress of the growth by measuring the height of the B. [...]

[...] Figure 1. Figure 2. Leaf length Plant height Figure 3. Figure 4. Figure 5. Discussion It is obvious that a pH concentration of 4 is ideal for plant growth, even thought the data for leaf lengths says otherwise. These results don't support our hypothesis. The fact that the group that was given water with a pH of grew taller by 1 cm than the control disproves our original hypothesis which stated that the more pH the worse the plant will grow. [...]

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