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  1. Introduction
  2. The doctor
  3. The paramedical staff
  4. The role of psychologists in the ICU
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Wallace-Barnhill (cited Shoemaker, 1992) makes observations on the situation of medical aspects considering emotional, professional and historical characters involved, especially with regard to death and how it comes to be seen after the appearance of UTIs. Thus, said it reached a point where death is often seen as understandable by technology, and the failure of this is potentially preventable with developments in research. This turns out include, in part, the feel of a medical mistake. "Modern technology of omnipotence illusion tends to result in an ideal belief in out ability to solve a medical problem complex."

This context can then generate difficulties for the doctor dealing with death, with impotence before her, and with the personal problems of patients and their families. The technical skills and the challenge of critical diseases are the main focus of attention at the expense of concern for the comfort and care of patients and families. For this author, doctors seem to have become more insensitive not death itself, but the environment that surrounds it, and death shall be seen more intensively.

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