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  1. Introduction
  2. The doctor
  3. The paramedical staff
  4. The role of psychologists in the ICU
  5. Conclusion

Wallace-Barnhill (cited Shoemaker, 1992) makes observations on the situation of medical aspects considering emotional, professional and historical characters involved, especially with regard to death and how it comes to be seen after the appearance of UTIs. Thus, said it reached a point where death is often seen as understandable by technology, and the failure of this is potentially preventable with developments in research. This turns out include, in part, the feel of a medical mistake. "Modern technology of omnipotence illusion tends to result in an ideal belief in out ability to solve a medical problem complex."

This context can then generate difficulties for the doctor dealing with death, with impotence before her, and with the personal problems of patients and their families. The technical skills and the challenge of critical diseases are the main focus of attention at the expense of concern for the comfort and care of patients and families. For this author, doctors seem to have become more insensitive not death itself, but the environment that surrounds it, and death shall be seen more intensively.

[...] Interventions are predominantly ego and conscious level (SEBASTIANI and Chiattone, 1991; Mello Filho, 1992; CORDIOLI, 1993). Thus, in the ICU many calls requires preparation and knowledge of pathological conditions and possible concomitant emotional manifestations. It is necessary, then, conducting a diagnostic assessment, albeit circumstantial, that the psychologist set its conduct in each particular case. In this review we will try to know the general emotional state of the patient, the posture illness, hospitalization and life, relevant psychosocial data, level of information about the disease and treatment, psychological and behavioral manifestations. [...]

[...] Freud S. (1913 {1912-1913}). Totem and Taboo. In: Standard Ed of the Complete Psychological Works, vol. XIII. [Translated by Jayme Solomon]. Rio de Janeiro: Imago; 1969. p. 13-192. MAURER LANE, ST, "Social psychology and a new conception of man for psychology," in social psychology: the man in motion, São Paulo, Brasiliense pp. [...]

[...] Ana Mercy Bahia Bock at PUC-MG on 13/05/02. CAMPOS, T.C.P. Hospital Psychology: the psychology practice in hospitals. Sao Paulo, E.P.U CECCARELLI, PR, "oedipal Settings of contemporaneity: thoughts on the new forms of membership," in Journal of Psychoanalysis Pulsional, Sao Paulo, year XV 88-98, mar FERRAZ, MB Quality of life: concept and a brief history. Young Physician, 1998; 219 -22. FERREIRA, V. M. Fantasies of death in patients with chronic renal failure. Interdisciplinary graduate work, Mackenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo FOULKES SH, editor. [...]

[...] These feelings can lead to frustration, anger, depression and lack of confidence in themselves. The high rate of deaths is one of the aspects that differentiate the work in the ICU of the other wards. Generally the process of death is more exhausting than the final moment together. Professionals who choose or remain in this work usually settle with the fact that they can not control all events that affect the patient. Wallace-Barnhill (op.cit.) States that "the process of recognizing and accepting the limitations in control of life and death is essential in professional longevity in the ICU. [...]

[...] 10-19. ROSSER R. Quality of life assessment. In: BAUM S NEWMAN, Weinman J. Cambridge handbook of psychology, health and medicine. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press; 1997. p.310-13. SANTOS, C.T., SEBASTIANI, R. W. Psychological monitoring the person with chronic disease. [...]

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