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Effects of Allelopathic Agent on Plant Growth

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  1. Introduction
    1. The allelopathic agent that was used was Black Walnut
    2. The null hypothesis
  2. Methods
    1. The experiment set up by creating the necessary soil mixtures
  3. Results
  4. Discussion
  5. References

The experiment that was performed these past few weeks involved measuring the relative growth of a soybean plant that was planted based on how much allelopathic agent we used. Allelopathic interactions are very widespread in nature, and they are important factors in the mechanisms of the ecosystem. It generally involves the inhibition of growth of certain plant types. It is also used by humans in order to manipulate the growth of weeds and other plants. The plant that was used in the experiment was the Soybean plant. This fast-growing plant is known to be used in the food industry rather extensively.

[...] The soil was weighed out to make sure there was the same total mass for each of the plots, so when more of the allelopathic agent was added, less normal soil was used. For the last 3 plots and 40 grams of the allelopathic agent were used respectively. After the plots were filled with soil and the agent, the soybean seed was added. One seed was placed in each plot, directly in the middle and covered back up with soil. [...]

[...] Some of the plots may have been only partially mixed, meaning some areas of the plant root could have avoided being near the allelopathic agent altogether. The location that the seed was placed could have varied between the plots. In some it may have been closer to the surface, while in others it could have been closer to the edges or just deeper in the soil. There were also other potential sources of error. For example, the greenhouse may not necessarily water the plants evenly. [...]

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