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Origin of Life on Earth

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When we talk about the origins of life, we talk about the search for very small and simple molecular models, composed mainly of carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. Of course, this does not suffice to describe life. A living being, or at least a living organism, is a autopoietic chemical system, that is to say one capable of performing the following actions: self-preservation, which is the ability of organisms to stay alive; reproduction, which is the ability to propagate life; and self-regulation, which is the ability of organizations to coordinate, synchronize and monitor all reactions. We add the properties of evolution and death. How does an organism move from non-life to life? This is the big question. Many scientists have tried to reproduce the first molecules of life in their tests. The problem is that no such model is at hand. The simplest systems, such as bacteria, are contained in jumbo jets for the human who wants to understand their operation. Their main hypothesis is that the basics of life would be amino acids, and assembled polypeptide chains. But how could they be assembled into complex chains such as proteins, DNA and RNA, while they themselves are too large (seventeen of the twenty amino acids known land have already twelve carbon atoms, knowing that a carbon atom can bond with four atoms), so that their molecular bonds were not broken by ultra-violet rays which were stronger at the time? What then was the shelter required for assembly of such molecules?

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