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Face Value: The Complexities of Genetic Engineering

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  1. Introduction
  2. The film Gattaca
  3. Complication that can stem from genetic engineering
  4. Weighing the good and the bad

Society is no stranger to technology ? it has been adapting it and advancing it for decades. Technology has completely revolutionized the way we interact each other as well as ourselves. Due to this complete integration, there has been an addiction formulated. Human beings now thrive on technology and the way it facilitates life. However, not only does society allow society to facilitate life, it now alters it completely. The world's technology has now gotten so incredible that science can edit the genetic makeup of human beings. This opens a realm of possibilities ranging from the treating and elimination of diseases to the potentiality of cloning. Genetic engineering has the ability to completely skew the human perception of self versus other, as displayed in the 1997 film Gattaca and is supported by the thoughts of doctors Michael Sandel and Yury Verlinsky.

[...] Discrimination is not the only facet of complication that can stem from genetic engineering. Genetic engineering gives way to what are known as designer babies. This is the term applied to embryos that are scanned for their genetic makeup to ensure they are of quality. These embryos are often implanted into test tubes in laboratories then implanted back into a womb. Before the replanting, however, they are fertilized using in vitro fertilization with sperm that has also been screened for any genetic defects. [...]

[...] The concept of genetic engineering or eugenics imposes an incredibly unfair disposition against those who cannot afford or do not believe in this process. There can be arguments that genetic engineering can or will be intended only to screen against debilitating diseases and conditions that could cause early fatalities, but the technology is all the same. Once that technology is patented, there is nothing stopping anyone from applying it to similar processes for traits like strength, intelligence and beauty. There will be unofficial, unlicensed groups of people who still ache to clone a person that will illegally attempt genetic modification and engineering. [...]

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