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How to produce billion eggs? Exploitation of laying hens

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  1. Introduction
  2. Journey to the end of the horror
  3. Lack of space
  4. Boredom and rationing
  5. The end of the ordeal
  6. Milk the cow and calf
  7. Transportation
  8. References

A life of frustration, pain and stress. That is what sums up the life of a battery hen and to this suffering and many who are the corollary. This is corroborated by evidence from numerous scientific studies and behavior. Originally the term "battery farming" was used for hens, distributed in battery cages stacked several rows. It is the archetype of "soilless" productivist system which denies the existence of the animal as a sentient being, without sacrificing the slightest hesitation the well-being of hundreds of millions of individuals to single profitability. Why let them move? Extending a wing? Make a nest? Peck like any hen backyard? And yet it is, all the problems, the easiest to solve. Simply choose chicken eggs have lived outdoors. On average eggs purchased annually by the French, it will only cost you 20 Euros per year.

[...] Hung on hooks by the tendon of the hind legs, dead animals are then directed to a metal frame containing a sort of flamethrower. In a deafening noise, the body of the animal is subjected to a blast of flames within a few seconds the whole envelope. The mobile channel begins to move again and takes the body in the hall following the same one where I found myself in the first three weeks. There the bodies were removed and finished on the upper band mobile. [...]

[...] "Many animals do not cry" once said one of the veterinarians, "while others are frozen like statues, beginning to cry for no reason." I wonder to myself how they can remain motionless and "crying for no reason." More than half the time of course is passed when I finally entered the slaughter hall to say: have seen." Here ends the path that starts at the unloading ramp. The gloomy corridor on which all lead compound shrinks to a door opening onto a box waiting with a capacity of 4 or 5 pigs. [...]

[...] Milk allergy affect up to of children in European countries, and 35% of babies in the world. Even milk "formulas" can trigger allergies like this. A study by Mr. Tembe and A. Tamm "Absorption of lactose and myocardial infarction (British Medical Journal, 09/01/88) found that people who drink 3 glasses of milk per day were 4 times greater risk of myocardial infarction heart attack " ) than those who drink less, regardless of hypertension, excess weight, smoking and family history. [...]

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