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DreamShare business plan

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  1. Concept
  2. Content
    1. Main Page
    2. Personal Page
  3. Site map
    1. Primary navigation
    2. Secondary navigation
  4. Target
  5. Managerial function
    1. Strategy
    2. Accounting
    3. Managerial Policy
    4. H&R Policy
    5. Rules & Regulations
  6. Financial function
    1. Financing function
    2. Control function
    3. Cash Flow
    4. Balance Sheet
    5. Income Statement
    6. Breakeven Analysis
  7. Marketing function
  8. Banners
    1. First idea
    2. Second idea
    3. Third idea
    4. Fourth idea
  9. Viral campaign

We are going to launch an innovative community website in France. The company responsible will be a partnership. The product and the Company will have the same name: Dreamshare. Our concept is pretty similar to the concept that our competitors have come up with (Myspace, Facebook). Though we are a community website; we have one main innovation that sets us apart: the travel dimension. That is our Competitive Advantage. We are thus unique because we link the community and the travel website aspects. This way, we enable customers to share their personal experiences concerning the travels that they have had during their life. It also allows them to share information about the city and country they have already visited, and can also offer suggestions. Usually, only young people visit such websites, but thanks to this approach, we have been able to reach older people too. One of the main goals of the website is to facilitate people's integration in a new environment (predominantly during a trip, but the service can also be useful if you decide to move in another city or country), because it is not always easy to adapt, when you arrive somewhere, and you do not know anybody.

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