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E-trade and marketing: The case of Obama

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  1. The invention of television or a succession of discoveries
    1. The discoveries that introduced the invention of television
    2. The birth of the term "television"
    3. From the mechanical television (1925-1931) to the electric television (1932-1945)
  2. Television in the footsteps of players like the radio
    1. The FCC and Congress: state control
    2. The networks: diffusion
    3. U.S. companies: financing
  3. Television and the American public
    1. Television proved to the Americans
    2. The placing of television sets on the market
    3. Programs
  4. Conclusion

The election of Barack Obama on November 4 opened a new chapter in American history. Obama is the first black president in American History. In this paper we ask the question: What role did the internet play in his campaign strategy? What are the e-marketing tools that have been implemented by Obama throughout his election campaign? What mechanisms are still in action after his election?

Barack Obama surrounded himself with a powerful team who were responsible for ensuring that his the image would be nothing short of perfect. Jim Brayton was responsible for Obama's internet dealings and and Joe Rospars dealt with new social media marketing.
These two people played a key role in the communication strategy of Obama's campaign because they recruited Chris Hughes one of the main founders of Facebook.

The website for the campaign of Barack Obama( was set up before the primaries. The goal of this website was to give his voters a clear picture to the young America, that was completely different from the somewhat confused policies of the outgoing president.

The first page of gives us the opportunity to register as a member of the site. If the user decides to register (free of cost) he is redirected to In reality, these two sites are exactly the same and only the name changes. But this change allows users to feel involved with Obama's community.

This official website of the candidate has managed to create a broad community of over two million volunteers and supporters. Through this network, more than three million people have donated to the Obama fund. And the average amount of each donation was about 200 dollars.

One of the advantages of e-marketing success is that his team was able to build a large database of supporters. And he will be able to mobilize these supporters throughout the year. By registering on the site, the user provides his email address, mailing address or telephone number. A lot of valuable information is collected and is ready for use.

Supporters received a call to remind them where to vote while those who were identified as undecided had received a phone call or visit from a volunteer to push them to join the movement. After he had won, an e mail was sent to thank everyone for their active participation in the movement.

Barack Obama and John McCain understood that the members of their constituencies are noe familiar with the purpose of Google and other search engines, so they look at news and follow up stories on the web. So these these two candidates used it to their advantage (especially Obama) and bought sponsored links on interesting keywords , such as "Lehman" which is the name of the famous investment bank that went bankrupt. Then their ads placed near these search results bore the statement ?Worried about the Market? Read about Obama's plan to revive the market and sign up for events!?

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