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Emails and privacy

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  1. Introduction
  2. Why it is illegal and wrong for firms to monitor their employees' emails
  3. Being watched and babysat
  4. The fear of being stalked and the fear of not being able to have the free speech to save oneself
  5. The employers rights
    1. The right to monitor use of electronic resources
    2. Monitoring employees' use of company computers
    3. Monitoring e mails sent by employees
    4. Monitoring employees in the area of security and company secrets
    5. Giving employees written internet policies
  6. The ethical principle
  7. The concern over trade secrets of the company
  8. Conclusion
  9. Works cited

The general notion among people is that email is a time of private communication. We have become so unaware of our surroundings that we think just because we are sitting in a room by ourselves, there is no one else there to see what we are doing. We seem to forget the fact that when we do enter chat rooms, and email domains, we are entering a whole new world known as ?Cyberspace?. We can connect to anyone, anywhere, in nearly real time whenever we need or want. The biggest blinders we put on are the ones that make us think that any one can connect to us, anywhere anytime, whenever they want. There is a big conspiracy of bugging and tapping going on in other rooms, where people just like us are sitting there by themselves. So the question is, when we are in a safe place such as a college campus computer lab, or in our offices at work, should be have the feeling that someone is watching our every move? Shouldn't we feel like our privacy is being respected by our coworkers and our bosses?

[...] The school had policies against breaking into other emails and computers, and the principal went directly against all standings and mentions of the regulation. This type of act is completely illegal and unethical in all aspects. The principal later gave his former coworker a public apology. However, sometimes apologies just aren't enough. There are many rules and laws (specific to each state) regarding stalking. The tightest and most descriptive state on stalking would be Michigan. Michigan is the only state that says stalking can be done through email. [...]

[...] They went on a date, and the woman was no longer interested. Archambeau not only made himself liable through the things he was typing, but he was also held accountable for all the emoticons he sent as well. He sent threatening messages such as, ?This letter is the LEAST of the many things I could do to annoy which was preceded by the emoticon implying he was sticking his tongue out at her. The fear of being stalked is not near as the fear of not being able to have the free speech to save oneself if being staked. [...]

[...] She sent the letter to The New York Times and it was read and published in a column by Randy Cohen called Ethicist?. The topic at hand was snooping employers. Mrs. Johnson's husband found an employee that visited sex sites rather frequently while on the job, and she was wondering how he should approach this employee, if at all. Cohen writes back with some very good advice. He made a good point saying that, employee visiting Bible-study sites can be every bit as much of a goldbrick as one who goes to porn sites- or, for that matter, curls up under the desk for a low-tech nap.? All employees need to be treated with the same respect and the same guidelines. [...]

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