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Ethical consumerism concept and analyses at Google Inc - Case Study

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  1. Ethical consumerism
  2. Review of Google Company
  3. Opinion survey

Different companies believe in giving the best products to their consumers through enhancing and promoting their brand in the market. One of the ways that is becoming more popular is Ethical Consumerism where the companies believe that the consumers will take more of their products on the basis of the company setting the highest level of ethical standards. Companies reports as well as their manifesto and different techniques that they are employing are becoming more popularized in the present results as they look to gain credit from their set standards and varied ethical contributions that they look to enhance.

[...] This is however not an exact science and some of the people may be influenced by the standards while other may not. This raises a lot of questions on the viability of the method and how it can be improved. However the main strength of the method as a marketing tool is on the marketing plan and how well the company highlights the different models and standards that they have set. Different companies have different marketing strategies for their products so as to ensure that it reaches out to as many people as possible (Gunkel p81). [...]

[...] J Coffee activism and the politics of fair trade and ethical consumption in the global North: Political consumerism and cultural citizenship. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Pateman, N. (2014). Google: The World's Most Ethical Company? - Inbound. Retrieved from company/ Appendix 1. What is your best product in the computer services and software products 2. [...]

[...] When asked about how the consumers get their information, they cited the internet and also the television sets are some of the most commonly used methods (Aveda pg77). This was to set a basis for the best marketing methods that can be used by companies to ensure that they are able to reach out to the consumers. Secondly the consumers were asked of their preferred brand. This was mainly in the computer services sector to ensure that there was uniformity in the answers (Datamonitor pg70). [...]

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